Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Skirmish at Black Warrior River Bridge

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Skirmish at Black Warrior River Bridge
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1. Tuscaloosa during the Civil War
2. Sipsey Mills-King’s Bridge Skirmish

3. Quran Saved From Flames in Tuscaloosa
4. Croxton’s Raid: The Lost Brigade
5. Shirley Bridge

After the skirmish at Trion (present day Vance, Alabama) a division of Wilson's Raiders under General Croxton's command rode into Northport, Alabama via Upper Columbus Road at night and proceeded to attempt to cross the bridge over the Black Warrior River between Northport and Tuscaloosa. The warning was raised as they arrived in Northport that the Yankees had made it to Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama Cadets and Tuscaloosa Home Guard came to the bridge in a futile attempt to defend Tuscaloosa as a brief skirmish was fought. The only casualty on the Confederate side was Captain Benjamin F. Eddins. Some of the floor boards were hastily torn up from the bridge to try to prevent Croxton's Raiders from crossing but the boards were re-laid by Croxton's men after the Confederates retreated. Croxton took Tuscaloosa upon crossing the Black Warrior River.


(2010) Enlarge Bridge landing at Tuscaloosa from Northport side
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(2010) Enlarge Black Warrior Bridge landing on Northport side



(2010) Enlarge Black Warrior River bridge on Northport side

(2010) Enlarge Grass covered bridge landing and historical markers


(2010) Enlarge Horace King marker


(2010) Enlarge Captain Benjamin F. Eddins marker

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