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Courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(July 2012) Enlarge Wounded In Action list
In the lower corner of the front page of the New York Tribune. There is a list with the names of the man, their units and their injuries. In the northern communities where these regiments were raised this would've been a very sad day full of grief and despair.

(July 2012) Enlarge The Florida Expedition-Repulse at Olustee & Additional WIA
This is a close-up of the New York Tribune with the section about the failed Florida Expedition. Additional soldiers wounded in action are also listed. By no means should this list of Union WIA be considered complete.



(July 2012) Enlarge The Home Front

As mentioned previously, lighting conditions made taking photographs in the museum problematic. It is suggested for this and some other panels, that the viewer enlarge & zoom.

(July 2012) Enlarge Union Activity in Florida Display


(July 2012) Enlarge Florida's Role in the Confederacy
Aside from providing manpower for Confederate armies and the location close to the Bahamas and Cuba for blockade runners to deliver supplies, Florida was a source of food stuffs.


(July 2012) Enlarge Florida and The Confederacy Display

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