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Battle of Galveston 150th Anniversary

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Galveston Cemetery:

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(January 2013) Enlarge This statue is located at Ashton Villa



(January 2013) Enlarge Statue detail



(January 2013) Enlarge Battle of Galveston shell fragment
Battle of Galveston January 1, 1863. Fragment of Union shell and peace of baseboard in which it struck in third floor Hendley Building, 20th, and The Strand.
This is on display in the mezzanine level of the Rosenberg Library Galveston, Texas. The mezzanine level is between the second and third floors of the library. The first floor of the library is currently closed due to damage sustained from hurricane Ike, so when entering the library the visitor enters on the second floor. Please keep this in mind if you intend to use the elevator. When we visited the mezzanine level of the Rosenberg Library on January 12, 2013 there was an interesting display of artifacts related to the history of Galveston, and of course the famous battle.



(January 2013) Enlarge 42nd Massachusetts officer's sword
Col. Isaac Burrell commanded attachment of the 42nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which fought at the Battle of Galveston on January 1, 1863. Col. Burrell and his men eventually surrendered their position, which was at 18th St. and Khun's Wharf. They were the last holdouts of the land force. The sword is a non-regulation sword presented to the Colonel by his men. The sword is on display in the Rosenberg Library at the mezzanine level.


(January 2013) Enlarge Officer's sword interpretive sign



(January 2013) Enlarge These cannonballs are on display at the Rosenberg Library's mezzanine level, along with other artifacts related to the war and to the Battle of Galveston. The solid shot projectiles were painted and gilded then eventually donated. There is a Cap Pouch also in the photo.



(January 2013) Enlarge Souvenir cannon balls interpretive sign



(January 2013) Enlarge Christopher Frederich Carl Steinhagen served in Company "B" of the 17th Brigade Texas State Troops, and he apparently took some souvenirs from his time in the service at the Battle of Galveston. His family donated these two mortar balls, which are on display at the Rosenberg Library's mezzanine level. A dollar was placed next to the display case to show perspective of the size of the mortar balls although only one mortar ball can be seen in the view with the dollar, both are the same size.

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