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Battle of Galveston 150th Anniversary

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(January 2013) Enlarge Steinhagen mortar balls interpretive sign



(January 2013) Enlarge Steinhagen mortar balls



(January 2013) Enlarge The view of Harborside/Avenue A taken in 1861, is located in the lower left-hand corner of the display panel relating to Galveston during the war. Sketches of Confederates in uniforms for the three branches (infantry, artillery and cavalry) can also be seen in this display as well as a portion of a rendition of Confederate money. When this photo was taken on January 12, 2013 on the mezzanine level of the Rosenberg Library in Galveston, Texas it was decided to shoot this photo fairly close-up in order to capture the detail of the 1861 photo so some items in the display are not visible because they were out of frame.



(January 2013) Enlarge Close-up of Battle of Galveston Illustration
This shows Pelican Spit, which is a small island, the various wharves, and a portion of the city of Galveston. The East end of the island is shown, too. Some ships from the naval battle are seen in action.


(January 2013) Enlarge Battle of Galveston illustration



(January 2013) Enlarge Battle of Galveston illustration index



(January 2013) Enlarge Illustration of the Battle of Galveston display
This is a view of the wheel and the illustration of the January 1, 1863, Battle of Galveston from a naval perspective. The ship's wheel really works and allows kids to enjoy spending the wheel. Out of view are panels with illustrations of the various ships that visitors can left to determine the name of the ship so it's possible to test your knowledge of the vessels and make it into a little bit of a game.
This photo was taken on January 12, 2013 during a time when the mezzanine level of the Rosenberg library at Galveston was open for tourists as part of the 150th battle anniversary commemoration. Many tourists, including children. Were present and some schools sent busloads of students, so it was a very busy time.



(January 2013) Enlarge Hardtack, Hendley, and Wallis
This portion of the display shows hardtack. This isn't a re-creation, it is the real thing. Soldiers complained about how bad the hardtack was and here is living proof. An actual original hardtack from the war. I can only imagine the soldier taking this home to show his family...
The photo of the Hendley building located on The Strand and taken near the intersection with 20th St. shows a building that was active in the Battle of Galveston on January 1, 1863 and was also a center of activity during the war.
A postwar photo of Joseph E Wallis, who served as a Sgt in Co. "B" 20th Texas Infantry also known as Elmore's Regiment. He was 25 years of age when he enlisted in Washington County 1862.. based on information found in NARA M323. Compiled service records of Confederate soldiers from Texas units, Roll: 0408.

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