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Photos this page courtesy of William Bozic

(July 2013) Enlarge New Quarter Park Map Showing Redoubt Locations
The numbers 12 and 13 were photo shopped in red large font onto this scan in order to help the viewer find the respective redoubts. The CSA Redoubt # 12 is located next to the softball field, while CSA Redoubt # 13 is located on a cliff
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(July 2013) Enlarge CSA Redoubt # 12 "Hancock is Superb" Interpretive Panel
This panel is situated just a short distance from the New Quarter Park sign in a small parking area located just before the entrance to the park. The information contained pertains to the Union advance on Williamsburg and the 14 Confederate redoubts & trenches created to protect the city



(July 2013) Enlarge Redoubt # 12 Location
This photo was taken July 6, 2013 from directly behind the ranger station looking to the large softball field. Directly behind the softball field first-base line in the copse of trees lies Confederate Redoubt #12 hidden in the trees

(July 2013) Enlarge Redoubt #12 Trail Entrance
The blue-and-white square with the number 12 is the indication to start walking a path leading to Confederate Redoubt #12. This trail entrance can be easily missed. The visitor should go to the first base line of the softball field and look for the small opening in the foliage. After a short walk, the first interpretive sign will appear


(July 2013) Enlarge Redoubt #12 Remains
The area around the redoubt, including the redoubt itself is left almost undisturbed. There is a short path around a portion of the redoubt but entrance to the redoubt is off-limits. The viewer may notice a tree which had fallen, but this is not a path which should be used to enter the redoubt itself


(July 2013) Enlarge Redoubt #12 and Interpretive Panel

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