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August 2007 photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, PA

The Caleb Rector House at Atoka, Virginia Enlarge
Interpretive Marker: They Did Their Job Courtesy of Lee Hohenstein, Omaha, NE
Here Confederate army Col. John Singleton Mosby signed the documents on June 10, 1863, officially organizing his Civil War Rangers into Company A of the 43rd Battalion of the Virginia Cavalry. General Jeb Stuart erected his headquarters tent here on June 23, 1863 and received word from General Lee that he should follow the Union army into Pennsylvania and harass them as he saw fit. The house is now owned by The Atoka Preservation Society and serves as the headquarters of The Mosby Heritage Area Association

Ebenezer Chapel – Route 719 north of route 50, east of Upperville





Ebenezer Chapel
Here on October 14th 1864 the $173,000 captured during the Greenback raid was divided amongst the men each receiving about $2100. Some of the Rangers wasted their money foolishly while others saved their share to purchase farms after the war


Ebenezer Chapel
As was his custom Mosby refused his share and had it distributed among his men. Each Ranger chipped in and purchased the horse “Croquette” for him. This was a horse he had admired at “Oatlands” near Leesburg and which later became his favorite horse.


Hatcher House – Route 50 Enlarge
The house was home of Mosby Rangers Harry and Daniel Hatcher. These two brothers along with “Big Yankee” Ames had a running gunfight with Union cavalry here in mid-April 1863 resulting in the wounding of Ames


Harry Hatcher
Harry Hatcher (shown in this photograph taken during the war) and his brother Daniel served with Company A, 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry (Mosby's Rangers)

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