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Photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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(2007) Plaque #25 Hardee's Charge
Near this point Gen. William J. Hardee led the charge of the 8th Texas Cavalry and other Confederates, repulsing the advance of Mower's Division, March 21, 1865

(2007) Plaque #25



(2007) Plaque #26 Mower’s Attack
Advancing towards Mill Creek Bridge, Johnston's only line of retreat, Maj. Gen. J.A. Mower's Union Division broke the Confederate line near this point, March 21. Mower's Division reached a point 200 yards from Johnston's headquarters before it was driven back Confederate infantry and cavalry

(2007) Plaque #26


(2007) View from Plaque #26 Mower’s Attack


(2007) Plaque #28 Union Line, March 20
Trenches in the woods behind this marker formed extreme right of the Union line on March 20. This sector was occupied by the XVII Corps, commanded by Maj. Gen. F.P. Blair

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