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Courtesy of Richard Edling, PA and Brian Duckworth, NC
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(2007) EnlargeTour stop #12 and 14: Morganís Stand
Confederate Line crossing the Goldsboro Road

(2007) View from Goldsboro Road marker
2005 view courtesy of Brian Duckworth



(2007) Tour Stop #16: N.C Junior Reserves

Detail of monument erected in 1927

This is a New tour stop with off road parking and two new state of the art fiberglass information tablets

(2007) Tour Stop #16: N.C Junior Reserves


(2007) Plaque #15: Main Confederate Line
The Left Confederate Wing, part of a long hook-shaped line designed to trap the Union forces, extended across the road here on March 19. This sector, occupied by Maj. Gen. R.F. Hoke's Division was evacuated on March 20. A new line parallel to the road was established 500 yards north


(2007) Main Confederate Line marker

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