Alamo Village
Brackettville, TX

John Wayne's Alamo Movie Set

Enlarge Ruben Padilla, who portrayed General Santa Anna in THE ALAMO. Click here to see photos from the personal collection of Ruben's nephew, PJ

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Alamo Village Website

The following photos (July 17, 2007) courtesy of  Webmaster
John Wayne's recreated Alamo movie set is not oriented the same as the real Alamo in San Antonio. The directions and descriptions given here are as per the Alamo as it was in 1836
See the Alamo movie set interpretive signs on Page3

360 Panorama of Alamo Interior   2
Alamo and San Antonio
Alamo Compound Marker
Alamo Movie Set
Church   2   3   4
East Side of Alamo
Flag   2
Interior from South Wall
Jim Bowie's Room
Jim Bowie's Room Marker
John Wayne Museum
Long Barrack   2
Low Barracks   2
Main Gateway
North Wall of Alamo   2   3
Palisade Wall
San Antonio   2   3
San Antonio from South Wall of Alamo
San Fernando Church
San Fernando Church Marker
Southwest Corner   2
South Wall of Alamo   2
Well   2
West Wall of Alamo   2
360 Panorama of the Alamo movie set interior

The Alamo Village movie set (Alamo and San Antonio) Enlarge


San Antonio from the south wall of the Alamo. San Fernando Church steeple in center of picture. This view is very similar to the movie scene with the exception of the two large buildings on the far right Enlarge

North wall of the Alamo. The church and long barrack at left center Enlarge
South wall, main gateway, palisade wall and the church Enlarge
East side. Rear of the church Enlarge
West wall. The 18-pdr was mounted at the southwest corner
South and west walls

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