The Alamo
San Antonio, TX

John Wayne's Movie Set
Brackettville, TX
July 17, 2007
  August 2008
Courtesy of Joel Manuel
Baton Rouge, LA

July 19, 2007 photos courtesy of  Webmaster

1. Alamo Links
2. Alamo Defenders
4. Historical Map of the Alamo
5. Men who are known to have died in defense of the Alamo

6. Excavations at the Alamo Shrine
7. Bachelor of Arts in History: the Alamo
Alamo Movie Site, Brackettville, TX
Chapel  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
Convento Well
Corral  2
Crockett Death Marker
Gift Shop
Line in the Sand
Long Barrack  2  3  4  5       Museum  2
Low Barracks
Original Acequia  2  3
Original Cannons  2
Palisade Wall  2
South Wall
Southwest Corner (18pdr Site)  2
Spirit of Sacrifice Cenotaph  2
West Wall      Remains of West Wall

(7-2007) Enlarge Alamo Chapel from southwest corner of Long Barrack
1836: The Battle of the Alamo
1861: Texas secedes from the Union and joins the Confederate States of America. The Confederate army takes over military facilities at the Alamo with the withdrawal of U.S. troops
1865: The last land battle of the Civil War is fought near Brownsville in May. The U.S. Army resumes use of the Alamo


(7-2007) Enlarge Interpretive marker in previous photo


(7-2007) Enlarge Alamo diorama in photo above


(7-2007) Enlarge Long Barrack. Alamo Chapel in background

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