Shiloh, a Virtual Tour
of Richard L. Holmes, Irving, Texas
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(6-01) Pittsburg Landing (Tour Stop 1). Union base during the battle and a landing for river steamers. Here on the night of April 6-7, General Buell's Army of the Ohio marched off troop transports to reinforce Grant's army. The next day a Federal counterattack forced the Confederates under Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard to withdraw


(6-01) Grant's Last Line (Tour Stop 2). While the Confederates moved to crush the Hornets' Nest, Grant formed a defensive line along this ridge. The line of artillery marks the final position of Grant's left on April 6. That night Buell's reinforcements deployed forward of Grant's left and center while Lew Wallace's fresh division reinforced the right. At dawn on April 7 nearly 50,000 Federals launched a counterattack against the Confederates


(6-01) Grant's Last Line (Tour Stop 2)

(6-01) Hornets' Nest (Tour Stop 3). At mid-morning on April 6, parts of three Union divisions occupied a dense oak thicket on this sector of the Federal front. For seven hours the Federals repulsed several piecemeal Confederate attacks. In the late afternoon, while Grant prepared a last line of defense to the north, the Confederates surrounded and captured this position

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