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(6-01) Union Reconnaissance Patrol (Tour Stop 8). Here at 4:55 a.m. on April 6, the first shots of the battle were fired when Confederate pickets engaged a Union patrol from Prentiss's division. Fraley Field, where the Federals struck the Confederate line of battle, is a short walk along the trail west of the tour stop


(6-01) Union Lines of Defense (Tour Stop 9). On the low ridge in front of you General Prentiss formed his Union division into line of battle on the morning of April 6 in an attempt to halt the unexpected Confederate onslaught. The Federals held for about an hour, when a massive assault drove them back to their camps


(6-01) Invasion of the Union Camps (Tour Stop 10). Here Prentiss's division made a brief stand until it was overrun by Confederates at 9 a.m. While most of his survivors fled to Pittsburg Landing, Prentiss rallied 500 men and joined troops from other divisions in the Hornets' Nest. The upright cannon marks where Col. Everett Peabody was killed while trying to rally his Union brigade

(6-01) Field Hospital (Tour Stop 11). Here Federal surgeons established one of the first tent hospitals of the Civil War. By gathering tents from all over the battlefield and concentrating medical services, patient care was greatly improved and the death rate was lowered

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