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(6-01) Shiloh National Cemetery, established 1866


(6-01) Confederate Retreat (Tour Stop 6). The Confederate counterattack through this wet weather pond on April 7 halted the Union advances but failed to break the Union line. With chances for victory gone, Beauregard withdrew his army to Corinth


(6-01) Shiloh Church (Tour Stop 7). Here stood Shiloh Meeting House, the log Methodist church that gave the battle its name. On the morning of April 6, Sherman's division held this area of the battlefield until forced to abandon it. Later Beauregard established his headquarters here. the present church and cemetery are privately owned, but park visitors are welcome on the grounds

(6-01) Shiloh Church (Tour Stop 7). Sons of Confederate Veterans are rebuilding the Shiloh Log Church, which is located near Tour Stop 7

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