Shiloh, a Virtual Tour
Photos from the 1960's

Photos/Narratives Courtesy of Ed Conner, TN
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These photos were taken in April 1966 and May 1967 during two hikes I conducted for our local BSA troop in Dexter, Missouri. Four of the photos date back to May 1961; they are identified in the captions with the photos. The camera used was an Argus 75 box-type camera made between 1949-1958, which was a good camera for it's day. These photos show Shiloh as it was many years ago; some of the photos show subjects that are no longer there, i.e. The Johnston Oak when it was a living tree. As the photos are in black and white, they give a different perspective to the battlefield than the color shots of today.
This, then, is Shiloh as it was nearly a half century ago. I hope you enjoy the tour.
Ed Conner


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(1966-1) Enlarge At 4:55 a.m., on the morning of April 6, 1862, 3 companies of the 25th Missouri and 2 companies of the 12th Michigan, sent out on patrol from Col. Everett Peabody's brigade collided with the vanguard of Hardee's Corp of the Confederate Army of Mississippi. The Battle of Shiloh had begun.


(1966-2) Enlarge When this photo was taken in 1966, the tree that Gen. Albert S. Johnston was found to be wounded under was still living. As with all living things, the tree died sometime in the later 60s, a victim of time, the elements and insect infestation. I saw the tree again a few years later, and all that remained was about 12 feet of the trunk, wired together. Today, the tree is entirely gone.


(1966-3) Enlarge After Johnston was found to be wounded, he was moved to this small ravine located a few yards from the present monument . He died from loss of blood at approximately 2:30 pm, April 6, 1862. At the time this photo was taken, there was no marker at the site.


(1961-4) Enlarge Union cannon in The Peach Orchard. Note the size of the peach trees in the orchard at this time. Photo was taken in May, 1961.




(1966-5) Enlarge Union artillery in The Peach Orchard. The two cannon in the foreground are 10 pdr. James smoothbores; the cannon in the background is a 12 pdr. howitzer.


(1966-6) Enlarge This is the view a Union gunner might have seen sighting down the barrel of a 10 pdr James gun towards the advancing Confederate battle lines at The Peach Orchard, Shiloh 1966: Ed Conner, TN

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