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(1967-25) Enlarge The monument to the 51st Indiana Infantry, attached to Gen. Don Carlos Buell's Army of the Ohio is impressive; but it's present at Shiloh is a mystery, as this regiment was not engaged at Shiloh. It was detailed by General James A. Garfield at Savannah, TN to guard and bring up the brigade and division supply trains.


(1967-26) Enlarge The Wisconsin Monument was dedicated in 1906 to honor the three Wisconsin regiments that fought at Shiloh: 14th Wisconsin, 16th Wisconsin and 18th Wisconsin. The monument is located on Hornet's Nest Road, behind the Hornet's Nest.


(1967-27) Enlarge Located near Shiloh Church, is the monument to the 2nd Tennessee Infantry (Bates), engaged here in the early morning hours of April 6th. Out of 385 men that went into the battle, 235 were killed, wounded, or missing after two days of fighting, a loss of almost 65%.


(1967-28) Enlarge Located near Woolf Field is the monument to the 81st Ohio Infantry. Initially it was to have been placed at another location, but a dispute between the Ohio Monument Commission and members of the regiment over the location of the monument delayed it's placement for some time. Eventually, the monument was placed in the position the members of the regiment wanted it in.




(1967-29) Enlarge The monument to Alabama's regiments at Shiloh was erected in 1907 by the United Daughters of The Confederacy, Alabama Division. It is located in the southwest corner of Wicker Field.


(1967-30) Enlarge The 77th Pennsylvania was the only Pennsylvania regiment to fight at Shiloh, and the only Eastern regiment to participate in the battle. It was attached to the Army of the Ohio, and arrived on the field on the morning of April 7. At the end of the day and the battle, they had captured two cannon and accepted the surrender of the 20th Tennessee Infantry regiment.

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