Stones River, a Virtual Tour
Sites Outside the National Battlefield

Asbury Church
Col. Julius Garesche Death Site
Cowan House Site
General Smith House
Graffiti Rock
Hardee's Headquarters
Harker's Crossing
Hord House
James House
Jenkins House
Main Union Field Hospital
McCook's Wagon Train
McCulloch Family Cemetery
McCulloch House
Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad
Overall Creek
Phony Camps
Polk's Headquarters
Stones River
Wayne's Hill
Widow Burris House
Wilkinson Pike
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(2112) Enlarge Graffiti Rock, Stones River Greenway (walking and biking trails)


(2112) Enlarge Graffiti Rock


(2112) Enlarge Graffiti Rock


(2112) Enlarge McCulloch family cemetery. Near Jct of River Rock Blvd. and Racquet Club Drive, Murfreesboro


(2112) Enlarge  Ruins of Asbury Church, a Methodist meetinghouse east of Overall Creek

  (2112) Enlarge Ruins of Asbury Church

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