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Sites Outside the National Battlefield
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(3-95 VHS) The view is looking northwest along the old Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad. The southeast section of the National Cemetery is in the background. The sign marks the approximate spot where Union Col. Julius Garesche was beheaded by a cannonball. Garesche was Gen. Rosecrans chief of staff


(3-95) McCulloch House, CSA Gen. Hardee's Headquarters, River Rock Blvd, Murfreesboro


(3-95) Intersection of Franklin Road and Gresham Lane, Murfreesboro. The view is looking west along Franklin Road toward the area (1/4 mile on right side) where Rosecrans kindled fires for his "phony camps," in order to deceive the Confederates as to the location and strength of his right flank  


(3-95) Jenkins House, Temporary Union field hospital, Gresham Lane and Manson (wartime Wilkinson) Pike 


(3-95James House, CSA Gen. Leonidas Polk's headquarters, Manson (wartime Wilkinson) Pike 1/2 mile west of Stones River

(3-95) Northwest view of Manson (wartime Wilkinson) Pike crossing of Overall Creek


(3-95) East view along Manson (wartime Wilkinson) Pike near the General Smith house (right background). Union Gen. McCook's wagon train was parked along this road when the Confederates struck on the morning of Dec. 31. To escape capture the train quickly turned north onto a road near the Smith house leading to Asbury Church

(3-95) Widow Burris House, Asbury Road (or wartime Lane) approximately 3/4 mile west of Nashville Pike. Here, reinforcements from General Thomas Crittenden's wing went into action in an attempt to prevent the advancing Confederates from seizing the Nashville Pike. Bitter fighting occurred in the fields directly opposite the Widow Burris house with the Confederate drive eventually being stopped short of the pike

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