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Antietam National Battlefield
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(8-2007) Tour Stop 5 (West Woods). Dunker Church
Richard Edling Photo

  (7-02West Woods, view looking southwest. 2002 NPS Tour Guide: Union Gen. John Sedgwick's division lost more than 2,200 men in less than half an hour in an ill-fated charge into these woods against Jackson's troops
Information Tablet (The jaws of death)
Information Tablet (With flags flying)
Information Tablet (We may never meet again)
West Woods panorama

(6-02West Woods looking southwest
Richard Edling Photo

  (8-2007) West Woods - The Baltimore Battery
Interpretive Marker:  Longstreet's Command
Interpretive Marker: Jackson's Command
Baltimore Battery Monument
Philadelphia Brigade Monument
Richard Edling Photo
(8-2007) Baltimore Battery interpretive marker
Richard Edling Photo

(8-2007) West Woods - Confederate Brig. Gen. William E. Starke was killed here
Richard Edling Photo

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