Antietam, a Virtual Tour

Antietam National Battlefield
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(7-02Tour Stop 9 (Lower Bridge: Burnside Bridge), view looking north from the high ground on the west bank of Antietam Creek.. 2002 NPS Tour Guide: The fighting here was a key factor in McClellan's failure at Antietam. Called Burnside Bridge after the Union general whose troops were held off most of the day by a few hundred Georgia riflemen, it is the battlefields best-known landmark
Panorama from point east of bridge

(9-12) Enlarge View from below the Georgians' rifle pits

Courtesy of Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq., NJ



(7-02Burnside Bridge, view looking northeast


(7-02Burnside Bridge, view looking northeast

(7-02Burnside Bridge, view looking northeast   (2009) Enlarge
Courtesy of Tom Johnston, Warrenville, IL

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