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NPS Tour Stops:      
The Cornfield Trail
Tour Map
Tour Stop-1: Dunker Church
Tour Stop-2: North Woods
Tour Stop-3: East Woods
Tour Stop-4: The Cornfield
Tour Stop-5: West Woods
Tour Stop-6: Mumma Farmstead
Tour Stop-7: Roulette Farm
Tour Stop-8: Sunken Road
Tour Stop-9: Lower Bridge
Tour Stop-10: The Final Attack
Tour Stop-11: National Cemetery
Visitor Center
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Antietam Station
Battery B, 4th U.S.
Blackford's Ford
Clara Barton Monument
CS Dead on Hagerstown Pike
Elmwood Cemetery
Georgians Overlook
Grove Farm
Hawkins Zouave Monument
Lee's Headquarters
Lee's Lost Order
Meade's Battle Line, Sept. 16
Middle Bridge Site
Miller Farm   2
Monocacy Aqueduct
National Cemetery
Nicodemus Heights
Otto Farmhouse
Piper Farm
Poffenberger Farm   2
Pry House: McClellan's HQ
South Mountain
Tour Map
Upper Bridge

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Tour Stop 1: Dunker Church Tour Stop 2: North Woods Tour Stop 3: East Woods Tour Stop 5: West Woods Tour Stop 6: Mumma Farmstead Tour Stop 7: Roulette Farm Tour Stop 9: Lower Bridge (Burnside Bridge) Tour Stop 11: Antietam National Cemetery Pry House: McClellan's headquarters Lee's headquarters site Antietam National Battlefield Visitor Center Sherrick Farm Georgians Overlook The Final Attack Otto Farmhouse Site of Middle Bridge Nicodemus Heights Poffenberger Farm Hawkins Zouave Monument Clara Barton Monument Meade's Battleline night of September 16 Battery B, 4th U.S.

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