Gettysburg, March 1984
March 1984 photos/narratives courtesy of Ed Conner, TN
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Here's the first of the Gettysburg Winter shots. I took these in March, 1984. I was finishing up a business trip in Harrisburg, PA and had scheduled time to go to Gettysburg (I had never been there). Unfortunately, a blizzard hit the area the day I was going to go, and I had to wait until the next day. By then, the highways had been cleared and Marion (who was with me on this trip) and I headed south to Gettysburg.

Although the Park was open, the Park Service had many of the roads closed because the snow hadn't been cleared. We parked the car and walked to the summit of Little Round Top; ours were the only footprints there that day. We virtually had the Battlefield to ourselves. Here's the caption to the first photo:

The Union line along Cemetery Ridge; the equestrian statue of General George G. Meade is slightly to left center, gazing across the fields towards Seminary Ridge

Approaching the Copse of Trees, seen to the right of the photograph. The Pennsylvania Monument is at the left, and to it's right, between the monument and pine tree in the distance is Little Round Top


Looking across the fields where Pickett's Men charged on a far hotter day so long ago. If you look closely, you can make out the Virginia Monument in the distance at the right of the photograph. This photo illustrates the distance the Confederate troops had to cover to reach their objective

Lee's objective on July 3rd was this grove of trees in the center of the Union line, which has come down through history as The Copse of Trees

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