Gettysburg, March 1984 Page3
March 1984 photos/narratives courtesy of Ed Conner, TN
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A Federal 12-pdr Napoleon on Cemetery Ridge points out towards Seminary Ridge, still waiting for a charge that happened long, long ago

Little Round Top as seen from Plum Run Valley. The 44th New York Castle is seen at the top at right center. Considering the carnage that took place here, the buzzards in the photo are most appropriate


This is a closer view of the previous photo. With no leaves on the trees and the foliage gone you are able to see things that wouldn't be visible in spring or summer. Just to the left of the 44th New York Tower, you can make out the statue of General G.K. Warren

General G. K. Warren, Chief Engineer, Army of The Potomac, looks out over the battlefield from the summit of Little Round Top as he did on July 2,1863. Seeing Longstreet's approaching legions, he realized that if Little Round Top (at that time occupied only by a few Signal Corps personnel) fell, the Union line would be rolled up. His initiative in rounding up any troops he could find to defend Little Round Top probably saved the battle for the Union.

Elevated to Corp command later in the war, he was relived of command in disgrace after the Battle of Five Forks in 1865 by General Phil Sheridan

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