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March 1984 photos/narratives courtesy of Ed Conner, TN
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Located near the Louisiana Monument at the edge of Pitzer's Woods stands the Mississippi Monument. The bronze figures symbolize the fighting spirit of the Mississippi troops at the Battle of Gettysburg. It stand on the spot where Barksdale's Mississippi Brigade stood before their charge on the Peach Orchard

Confederate monuments at Gettysburg were late in coming, mainly due to the fact that the Southern states in the years after the war lacked any funds to erect them. When they did begin to erect them, the monuments are some of the most dramatic in the Park. This is the Louisiana monument, entitled "Spirit Triumphant", and was erected in 1971. It was also the last state monument to be erected at Gettysburg. The Louisiana Monument is located on Seminary Ridge


The Virginia Monument is the largest of the Southern monuments at Gettysburg and the oldest, being erected in 1917. It is situated on the spot where General Robert E. Lee witnessed the disaster that was Pickett's Charge. Mounted on his beloved Traveller, Lee looks across the fields towards Cemetery Ridge, a position he was fated never to take


Located near the Virginia Monument is one of the best known monuments at Gettysburg, the North Carolina Monument. Installed at the park in 1929, it was designed by Gutzon Borglum who designed the four presidents on Mt. Rushmore.

One in every four Confederate soldiers that fell at Gettysburg were from North Carolina. As they have in every season for decades, the soldiers on the North Carolina monument move out, towards their distant objective and date with history on Cemetery Ridge

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