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March 1984 photos/narratives courtesy of Ed Conner, TN
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Monument at the Copse of Trees marking the High-Water Mark of the Confederacy. Inscribed on the pages of the open book are the units, both Union and Confederate, that took part in the action known as Pickett's Charge

The Pennsylvania Monument, located on Cemetery Ridge, is the largest monument at Gettysburg. Erected in 1910, the monument has a series of large bronze plaques surrounding the base that list the Pennsylvania units that fought at Gettysburg.

As with many of the monuments at Gettysburg, time and the severe winters of Pennsylvania have not been kind to the monument. At the time this photo was taken, you could climb stairs to the upper part of the monument and go out below the cupola for a view of the battlefield. This is not possible today, as the monument has deteriorated to the point where it is dangerous to do so. Repairs are slowly being done, mostly from private donations, as Federal funds are very slow in coming, if at all.

"Poor is the nation having no heroes ................. Shameful is the one having them that forgets"


Monument to the 72nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, "Baxter's Philadelphia Fire Zouaves", located at The Angle. This unit was originally the 3rd California Infantry when it was organized as a part of Baker's Brigade. When Col. Baker was killed at Ball's Bluff in 1861, the brigade was claimed by the State of Pennsylvania and renumbered.

The 72nd fought in the major battles of the Army of The Potomac, and was posted at the Copse of Trees on July 3, 1863. Here it engaged the attacking Confederates in hand-to-hand combat. After Gettysburg, the 72nd went on to fight at The Wilderness, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor. It's last battle was at Petersburg, after which the survivors were sent home and mustered out


Looking to the rear of Cemetery Ridge, the Gettysburg National Tower dominates the skyline. Erected in 1974, the 307-foot tower was a source of controversy until the National Park Service condemned the property and demolished it in 2000

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