Gettysburg Photo Album
The Borough: Civilian Experience in Town Page11


(7-01) The woodshed stood back where the white rose arbor is now
Tablet (A Union General Escapes Capture)


(7-01) The Breckenridge St. house Jennie Wade lived in at the time of the battle. (She was killed in her sister's house on Baltimore St.)
Jennie Wade Plaque




(7-01) The home of "Jack" Hopkins on South Washington Street. Hopkins was a free black who worked as a janitor at the college at the time of the battle. His son was a member of the US Colored Troops during the war
Tablet (the "JACK" HOPKINS house)

(7-01) Built in 1813, this was the first home of the Lutheran Theological Seminary and Gettysburg College. It was a school for girls at the time of the battle. Tillie Pierce was attending when the Federals came into town
Tablet (" home as quickly as you can.")

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