Gettysburg Photo Album
The Borough: Civilian Experience in Town Page3

(7-01) "Witness buildings", structures which were present during the battle, are generally marked with a plaque like this. (Although some should have plaques that don't and vice versa)

(7-01) Close-up On Nov. 18, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln arrived at this station on his way to dedicate the National Cemetery and deliver the Gettysburg Address
Courtesy of Ethan Snyder
Tablet (R.R. Station w/circa 1888 view)




(7-01) Carlisle Street looking north from the square. The Federal retreat through here on July 1, 1863 was rapid and disorganized. (Lincoln Diner is on the left opposite the Gettysburg Railroad Station)
Panorama: The Gettysburg "diamond" or town square, viewed from Carlisle Street (facing south)
Tablet ("It seemed so allful...", w/Alfred R. Waud sketch)

(7-01) Enlarge "by the skin of our teeth." Tablet in front of the Gettysburg Hotel in the square (extreme right of the panorama of the square)

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