Gettysburg Photo Album
The Borough: Civilian Experience in Town Page13

(7-01) The home of John and Martha Scott and Martha's sister Mary McAllister on Chambersburg Street, directly across from the Lutheran Church. Mary volunteered as a nurse at the church, which was being used as a hospital
Tablet ("...expecting to find all dead.")


(2-07) The George George House at 237 Steinwehr Avenue. Similarities of stone construction with the nearby Dobbin house suggest that this one-story structure was built before 1800. In 1863 it was owned by Captain John Myers, whose extant house on Baltimore Street later became the National Soldiers Orphans Homestead. George George was the tenant living here during the time of the battle. The house is thought to be the building where the body of slain Union General John Reynolds was taken around noon on July 1. It is now the home of Servant's Old Tyme Photo's where you can have your picture taken in period costume
Photo/text courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA

(2-07) The George George House
Photo courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA

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