Gettysburg Photo Album
The Borough: Civilian Experience in Town Page8

(7-01) The Presbyterian Church was used as a hospital during and after the battle. Both Presidents Lincoln and Eisenhower attended services in the church
Tablet (Temples of Mercy, w/photo as it appeared in 1863)
Detail (Lincoln and Eisenhower plaques)
Detail (Army of the Potomac field hospitals)


(7-01) The birthplace of Mary Virginia "Jennie" Wade on Baltimore Street
Plaques on wall of house




(7-01) Painting of Confederate Sharpshooters who built a barricade across Baltimore St. at Breckinridge St, firing toward Cemetery Hill. Painting by Don Troiani

(7-01) Same view as painting. West side of Baltimore at Breckinridge Street. The white house on the corner is that of Tillie Pierce, a 15 year old school girl at the time of the battle who wrote a vivid account
Tablet (Annoying "...the enemy very seriously")
Tablet ("I can see them yet...")

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