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Following a federal countercharge and cannonade, the Confederates advanced through the Bushong farm. Here the VMI cadets split their force and continued their advance with the 62nd Va beside them. The cadets sustained their first casualties at the farm.

After the farm was a wheatfield through which the Confederates next advanced. Wet from rain, the field became a quagmire and was named the "Field of Lost Shoes" after the battle since the mud sucked so many shoes from the rebels' feet.

The Union line extended for about 1/2 mile along the ridge of the field. Von Kleiser's cannon were in the area where the present cannon are located. Without infantry support, however, Von Kleiser was forced to abandon a cannon which was later captured by the VMI cadets.

The Confederate charge drove the Union from the field by 3PM.


Photos/text this page courtesy of Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq., NJ    

Bushong Farm

Wheatfield (Field of lost shoes)


Von Kleiser's artillery on ridge overlooking the wheatfield


Von Kleiser's artillery


Von Kleiser's artillery


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