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Photos/text this page courtesy of Lee Hohenstein, NE

(October 2007) Battle of New Market historical marker


(October 2007) Entrance to New Market Battlefield State Historical Park


(October 2007) Hall of Valor Civil War museum with the original tombstones of the 6 VMI cadets killed in action during the battle in the wheat field later named "The Field of Lost Shoes." One of the six, Cadet Thomas G. Jefferson, a descendant of President Thomas Jefferson, was mortally wounded and died three days later on the 18th of May, 1864. Four more cadets died later from their wounds. These ten cadets are buried at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA


(October 2007) Original tombstone of 17 year old Cadet Thomas G. Jefferson


(October 2007) The Bushong Farm as seen from the Hall of Valor. The battle swirled around the farm and both the barn and house served as a hospital for both sides


(October 2007) The farm house on a bright October day

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