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The 54th Pa occupied the crest of the hill where the present day monument stands. After Stahel's cavalry charge failed, the 54th marched with the 1st WVA in a charge against the Confederates. The pictures show the area from the Union perspective and show how difficult the visibility is along the rugged terrain. The Union troops were stunned when they found out how many Confederate soldiers were able to hide in the hollows barely visible in the pictures. The Confederates easily pushed the surprised Union infantry back up the hill.

The Confederates realized that the crest of the hill was defended by only the 54th Pa. Two pictures of the 54th Pa Monument mark the regiment's final position.

The 22nd Va and 23rd Va. battalion began an advance on the right flank while the 62nd Va did the same on the left. The Confederates were able to advance up to the area by the monument when they came under heavy fire from the 5th Artillery Battery led by Captain Henry A. DuPont (who later formed the DuPont company) on the Valley Pike. Du Pont's position is shown in the last picture


Photos/text this page courtesy of Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq., NJ    
54th Pa Monument Enlarge w/detail    
Valley Turnpike, Du Pont's position    

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