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Photos this page courtesy of Don Worth

(8-3-2001) A bell tower on the state house grounds which was built in 1824. The bell was used to call out local defenders, notably on April 21, 1861 and on February 7, 1864

(8-3-2001) Statue of George Washington (a famous Virginian) on the state house grounds. It was a popular practice for newly formed regiments of Confederate soldiers to pose for their photograph in front of this statue


(8-3-2001) Section of the propeller shaft of the famous iron-clad VIRGINIA (aka Merrimac) on display outside the Museum of the Confederacy. The White House of the Confederacy is at right

2011 photos of the Museum of the Confederacy. Courtesy of William Bechmann

(8-3-2001) Anchor chain from the U. S. S. Cumberland, first victim of an ironclad warship in history. Sunk March 8, 1862 by the C. S. S. Virginia

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