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Photos this page courtesy of Don Worth

(8-3-2001) The rear portico of the Whitehouse of the Confederacy (photographer is facing north.) 5 year old Joseph Davis fell to his death from the porch corner at right in April 1864

2011 Photos of the Whitehouse of the Confederacy. Courtesy of William Bechmann

(8-3-2001) Front entrance to the Whitehouse of the Confederacy. It has been restored inside to its 1860's appearance


(8-3-2001) Belle Isle island, site of a Civil War prisoner-of-war camp. Here our guide, Ranger Mike Gorman gives a brief history of the camp

(8-3-2001) Detail from a map of Richmond in the Official Records Atlas. Note Hollywood Cemetery at upper left, Tredegar on the north bank opposite Belle Isle. The camp was in the green area on the east end of the island

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