Tuscaloosa, Alabama
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Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion
Chabannes-Sealy House
Drish Plantation Mansion

Bryce Hospital
University of Alabama Campus
Skirmish at Black Warrior River Bridge
Old Capitol Building Ruins
Greenwood Cemetery
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(2010) Enlarge President's Mansion: Word that Croxton had arrived in Tuscaloosa and was sending his troops to torch the University of Alabama had reached the UA President's Mansion. UA President Garland's wife and family sought refuge with the Bryce family at the nearby Bryce Hospital for the Insane to hide and watch the burning of the UA campus from the hospital's tower. Word reached them that the President's Mansion was being ransacked and torched and Mrs. Garland demanded that she be taken to the Mansion by coach at once. Upon entering the house she saw three Yankee soldiers lighting fire to her 4-poster bed. She immediately took charge and had her servants put out the fire. She scolded the soldiers telling them that they knew full well that Croxton had not given orders to torch private homes but only public buildings. The soldiers looked ashamed and began to leave. As they were leaving she commanded them to help her save the house and they did as they were told and soon had the fire under control. The soldiers then demanded payment for helping save the house and Mrs. Garland explained that they kept no money in the house but she would be glad to send payment in the near future if each soldier left his name and address. The soldiers left the house without giving her any information
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(2010) Enlarge Slave quarters behind the mansion



(2010) Enlarge Back yard and slave quarters

(2010) Enlarge Slave graveyard on campus next to the biology building


(2010) Enlarge Slave graveyard dedication marker


(2010) Enlarge Slave graveyard

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