Fort Washita
November 9, 2004 Page5

Interior of restored South Barracks. This is one of two upper floor rooms


Restored South Barracks. Upper floor veranda, looking east


West Barracks. Built in 1856 of locally quarried lime-stone, the upper floors contained company rooms and orderly rooms for the company sergeants. The ground floor contained kitchens, mess rooms, and storage for vegetables, meats and other perishables. When the for was abandoned after the Civil War, the Colbert family used it as a home until it burned in 1917

The view is looking northwest from the upper floor of the south barracks

Commissary. This was a storehouse and office for the Post Commissary Officer. It could hold 3,000 barrels and had underground rooms for perishables. Commissary supplies included all foodstuffs provided by the army for the men and officers. The Post Quartermaster might also have been housed in this building. The Quartermaster was responsible for assigning, building, caring for, and repairing living quarters for all enlisted men and officers. He also contracted with local brick layers, carpenters, masons, etc. and supervised the enlisted men assigned to that work
Bake oven and blacksmith shop in background

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