Fort Washita
November 9, 2004 Page6

Commissary. West Barracks and restored South Barracks in background


Restored Bake Oven. A daily ration of 18 ounces of bread was a staple in the diet of soldiers. Built in the 1840s, the oven could bake 180 loaves at one time. Bakers were selected from companies on a rotating basis. They would burn wood inside the oven until only hot coals were left. When the coals were removed, the bricks held a temperature of 550 to 580 generating enough heat to bake the many loaves of bread
Blacksmith shop reconstruction in background


Restored Bake Oven. West Barracks in background

Blacksmith Shop reconstruction. Along the cobbled road leading from the main post to the stables were shops used by blacksmiths, carpenters, wheelwrights, and other craftsmen who were under contract with the Post Quartermaster. Enlisted men maintained the buildings, tools, equipment, and wagons, of the post, but sometimes contractors with special skills were required. [This often caused resentment among the men who saw contractors receive four to eight times their pay for the same work.]

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