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3. Lookout Mountain, Tennessee - Wikipedia
4. Welcome to Lookout Mountain
5. Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park (NPS)

6. Battle Summary: Chattanooga, TN
28th Pennsylvania
Battles for Chattanooga
Brown's Ferry
Carlin's Brigade
Chattanooga Iron Works
Civil War Artillery
Confederate Casualties
Corput's Georgia Battery

Cravens House
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Gen. Grant Famous Photo
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Lookout Mountain Trails
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Lookout Valley
McFarland Road
Millison's Field
Moccasin Bend    2   3
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New York Monument
New York Peace Monument
Occupation of the Summit
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Point Lookout
Point Park    2
Raccoon Mountain

Reflection Riding
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Sunset Rock
Tyndale Hill
Umbrella Rock
Under Siege at Chattanooga
Union Casualties
University of the South
Wauhatchie Pike Hiking Trail
Whiteside Pike
Whiteside Trail    2
(August 29, 2013) "Battle Above the Clouds"
East side of Lookout Mountain from I-24
Photo by Paul Stanfield, Chattanooga, TN

(October 2013) Enlarge Tyndale Hill with Lookout Mountain in the background. Tyndale Hill is located in Lookout Valley, 1/3 mi. south of I-24 and west of Brown's Ferry Road. During the night of October 28-29, 1863, Union troops under general Hector Tyndale (from whom the hill is named) seized the hill with very little resistance. Union troops occupied Tyndale Hill during the Siege of Chattanooga and stormed Lookout Mountain on November 24, 1863. Point Park is at the top left of Lookout Mountain

Paul Stanfield photo

The following June 2011 photos courtesy of Steven Hippensteel, AL

(6-2011) Enlarge The Battles For Chattanooga: Located next-door to the NPS Visitor's Center and across the street from Point Park at the top of Lookout Mountain

(6-2011) Enlarge The Battles for Chattanooga

Interpretive Marker: Civil War Artillery


(6-2011) Enlarge NPS Visitor Center

Museum Photos

(6-2011) Enlarge Civil War Trails Interpretive Marker
Interpretive Marker: Under Siege at Chattanooga
Interpretive Marker: The Battles for Chattanooga
Interpretive Marker: Point Park


(6-2011) Enlarge Entrance to Point Park on Lookout Mountain
Interpretive Marker: Stevenson's Division
Interpretive Marker:
Union Casualties
Interpretive Marker: Confederate Casualties
Interpretive Marker:
Occupation of the Summit of Lookout
Interpretive Marker: Confederate Forces - Battle of Lookout


(6-2011) Enlarge Garrity's Alabama Battery, overlooking Chattanooga and the Tennessee River. Site Marker: Two 10 Pdr. Parrotts, two 12 Pdr. Napoleons. Maj. Alfred R. Courtney's Artillery Battalion. Hindman's Division. Nov. 1863. Capt. James Garrity, Commanding. 1st Lieut. Philip Bond. 1st Lieut. Maynard A. Hassell. 2nd Lieut. Henry F. Carroll. This sections of Parrott guns occupied this position for nearly two months previous to the battle of the 24th and was engaged at intervals in firing at the enemy's wagon trains, Moccasin Point batteries and lines facing Missionary Ridge. About midnight of Nov. 23rd, after the enemy had advanced and occupied Orchard Knob this section was ordered to report to General Anderson commanding the division which then occupied the line of works at the base of Missionary Ridge and on its summit east of Orchard Knob and north of the Birds Mill Road

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