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(May 2007Enlarge Point Lookout, atop the mountain, where the Federals (including Gen. Hooker) posed for all those pictures after the battle
Joel Manuel photo

(8-2005) Enlarge View from the Cravens House. Iowa Monument
Bill Weisheit photo

(6-2011) Enlarge

Steven Hippensteel photo


(6-2011) Enlarge Cravens House. NPS Tour Guide: The original house was used as headquarters by Confederate Gen. Edward C. Walthall before the Battle of Lookout Mountain and by Union Gen. Walter C. Whitaker afterwards. The house was damaged by artillery fire and destroyed after the battle. Robert Cravens, a local ironmaster, rebuilt the house in 1866. It is the oldest surviving structure on Lookout Mountain Battlefield. Nearby are numerous Civil War plaques and monuments

Interpretive Marker: The Cravens House
Steven Hippensteel photos

(6-2011) Enlarge Cravens House

More Cravens House: Interior, Kitchen, etc.
Steven Hippensteel photos

(6-2011) Enlarge New York Monument

Steven Hippensteel photos

(May 2007Group of monuments on the trail above the Cravens House (the one w/the star is the 28th Pennsylvania)

Joel Manuel photo

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