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(6-2011) Enlarge New York Peace Monument, containing the names of all New York troops who helped take Lookout Mountain. On highest portion of Point Park
Steven Hippensteel photo


(5-95) Parrott Rifles in Point Park
David Willis photo


(6-2011) Enlarge Corput's Georgia Battery. Site Marker: Four 12 pounder Napoleons. Capt. W.W. Carne's Artillery Battalion. Stevenson's Division. Breckenridge's Corps. Nov. 24, 1863 2 p.m. Capt. Max Van Den Corput, commanding. 1st Lieut. M.S. McWhorter. 2nd Lieut. W.S. Hoge. 2nd Lieut. J.E. Stilwell. 2nd Lieut. W.A. Russell. About 1 a.m. this section of Napoleons relieved Garrity's Parrott guns on the point 125 yards southeast facing the Cravens House. A dense fog obscured the valley from view till about 10 a.m. When Hooker's assaulting column came in range on the western slope the guns were moved to this position and opened fire throwing 33 shells. About 1 p.m. Hooker's line having passed under the point to the Cravens House line the guns were moved back to their first position
Steven Hippensteel photo


(10-2000) Path to Ochs Observatory, Point Park. Near here was taken the famous photo of U. S. Grant on Lookout Mountain
Don Worth photo


(1863) Lookout Mountain, 1863. (From left) Gen. Grant, Gen. Rawlings, Gen. Webster, Col. Lagow and Col. Killyer
Courtesy of Pattie Blair

  (7-01) Compare with wartime photo at left
Webmaster photo

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