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(6-2011) Enlarge Trail Marker: Rifle Pits, Point Park and Sunset Rock. Foot trail only

Interpretive Marker: Carlin's Brigade
Interpretive Marker: Lookout Mountain Trails

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(May 2007Confederate rock formations along Rifle Pits Trail

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(2008) Enlarge Road cut on top of Lookout Mountain, Georgia side. Union campsite located nearby
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(2009Enlarge Old Wauhatchie Pike hiking trail
Old Wauhatchie Pike on Lookout Mountain reaches a dead-end at the parking lot for this approximately one-mile trail. From the 1850s to the 1920s, the road was the primary Lookout Mountain route into Chattanooga. It has superb views of Moccasin Bend, the Tennessee River, and the cityscape of Chattanooga. During the Battle for Chattanooga, this historic road was controlled by Confederates; however, it became very vulnerable to Federal fire, eventually making it virtually impassable. Denying the Confederates full use of the turnpike and railroad was the most important contribution made by the Federal forces stationed on Moccasin Bend during the fall of 1863
Downtown Chattanooga. I-24 to Exit 178 Lookout Mountain onto TN 58 towards Lookout Mountain. Turn right on W 25th St. Travel 0.3 miles and turn left on Broad Street. Bear right onto Cummings Hwy and turn left on TN 148 Scenic Highway. Follow signs to top of the mountain. The trail is listed in the National Register of Historic Places

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(2009Enlarge Old Wauhatchie Pike hiking trail

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(2009Enlarge Whiteside Trail on Lookout Mountain
The Whiteside Pike, the Lookout Mountain Turnpike being its official name, Whiteside being the principal owner and hence the use of that name for the pike frequently, is on the east side of Lookout Mountain. It was the main way up to the top of the mountain. It started near where the lower station of the Incline Railroad is today. The lowest portion of it is Old Mountain Road there near the lower station of the Incline. When Old Mountain Road ends up-slope at one of the Incline trestles, the trace of the Lookout Mountain Turnpike is followed today by the Whiteside Trail on the Lookout Mountain Battlefield. Modern construction of Scenic Highway, Tenn. 148, at the top of the mountain has destroyed the top 1000 feet or so of the Turnpike but you can walk most of it as the Whiteside Trail

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