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Photos/text this page courtesy of Don Hogan, GA

(2004) Petersburg National Battlefield: Grant's Headquarters at City Point
View of the James from the area where the wharf stood

(2004) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-1: Confederate Battery 5
Located behind the visitor center, this was one of the strongest works on the original Confederate defense line (the Dimmock Line). Federal troops captured it on June 15, 1864. A trail leads to the site where the Dictator, a huge mortar used to shell Confederate batteries north of the Appomattox River, was located



(2004) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-1: Battery 5 Trail (The Dictator)

The "Dictator" was a 13" Mortar used by Gen. Grant's forces during the siege of Petersburg. The 13" seacoast mortar on display here is not the Dictator
Wartime view of the Dictator

(2004) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-3: Confederate Battery 9
Black U.S. troops of Hink's Division captured this position during the first day's fighting. The winter quarters of the Union 9th Corps were in the surrounding area. This site also features examples of siege fortifications and related structures. A trail leads to a wayside on Meade Station, an important supply and hospital depot on the U.S. Military Railroad built during the siege. It is a 10-minute walk

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