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Photos/text this page courtesy of Jack Snyder, IN

(5-2001) Petersburg National Battlefield: Grant's Headquarters at City Point
General Grant's cabin during the siege of Petersburg. There was (is) a fine house just a short distance from here, but Gen. Grant wanted that used by his Quartermaster people as an office. Grant's family stayed with him in the cabin during their visits

(10-2001) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-3: Related Structures
Model of shelter built by Union troops during siege. Shelter held 4 men and as you can see was topped by canvas. Thousands of these were built during the 10 months of the siege. The whole area for miles around Petersburg and Richmond was totally denuded of trees. This photo was taken during visits to Battlefield in Oct 2001



(10-2001) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-3: Related Structures 
Another view of soldier's shelter that was taken during Oct 2001 visit. Again, that is sand on the ground, not snow

(10-2001) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-3: Confederate Battery 9
View from outside a replica of a portion of the earthworks surrounding Petersburg and Richmond. Again, this photo is from Oct visit

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