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Ed Conner, TN

(5-1984) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-7: Fort Morton (Taylor Farm Ruins)
"Taylor's Chimneys" as the ruins of the Taylor farmhouse was known to both sides. Located near The Crater, it was used by both sides as an observation point at varying times during the siege

(5-1984) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-8: The Crater Enlarge
(May 1984)
 Over the years, The Crater has filled in and is no longer a crater at all. When I was there in 1984, a split rail fence surrounded the area of The Crater; you couldn't actually walk the ground



(5-1984) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-8: The Crater
Panorama of The Crater

1865 view of The Crater

(5-1984) Petersburg National Battlefield 
The Massachusetts Monument; originally it was located near The Crater on a large ornate marble base. Several years ago it was moved to it's present position next to an exit from the park. Whereabouts of the original base are not known

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