Siege of Petersburg, Virginia Page12
Photos this page courtesy of Don Hogan, GA

(2004) Enlarge Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-5: Fort Stedman
Fort Stedman interpretive marker


(2004) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-5: Fort Stedman
1st Maine Heavy Artillery Monument listing those mortally wounded and killed during an attack on Confederate positions June 18, 1864



(2004) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-7: Fort Morton (Taylor Farm Ruins)

"Taylor's Chimneys" located near The Crater, it was used by both sides as an observation point at varying times during the siege

(2004) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-8: The Crater
Here on July 30, 1864, at a part of Lee's line known as Elliott's Salient, a Union mine was exploded under a Confederate battery in an attempt to create a breakthrough. An attack through the gap by soldiers from the Union 9th Corps, however, failed

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