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December 2008 Fort Granger Photos
Courtesy of Andrew Turnier, NC


(3-08) Fort Granger historical marker at Franklin's Pinkerton Park

Andrew Turnier photo
More Fort Granger courtesy of Andrew


(3-95) Fort Granger Hill (Figuers Bluff). View looking north from Pinkerton Park


(3-95) Harpeth River below Fort Granger

(3-95) Fort Granger, exterior ditch. Site Marker at Pinkerton Park: In the spring of 1863, Federal forces commanded by Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger occupied Franklin. Construction of major fortifications began under the direction of Capt. W. E. Merrill, U.S. Corps of Engineers, the largest of them being placed on Figuers Bluff, .2 of a mile north on the Harpeth River. Fort Granger commanded the southern and northern approaches to Franklin and was adjacent to the critically important Tenn. & Ala. Railroad bridge. The artillery within the fort saw action twice in 1863 against Confederate cavalry forces. During the Battle of Franklin, Nov. 30, 1864, the site served as Hqtrs. of Maj. Gen. John M. Schofield commander of U.S. forces and as an active artillery position


(3-95) Interior view

(3-95) Interior view

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