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(January 2013) Enlarge Capt. Tod Carter interpretive marker


(January 2013) Enlarge Bate's Division interpretive marker


(3-95) The Carter House, 1140 Columbia Avenue (wartime Franklin-Columbia Pike). Site Marker: Built by Fountain Branch Carter, and in use by three generations of his family. Here was command post of Maj. Gen. Jacob D. Cox, Federal field commander of Schofield's delaying action. The hottest fighting took place just east and south nearby. Capt. Theodore Carter, CSA, a son of the family, was mortally wounded
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(3-95) Front lawn of the Carter House. The view is looking south down Columbia Pike


(3-95) Enlarge Back porch of the Carter House.  Bullet holes still remain

(3-95) Blue and Gray Magazine, August-September 1984: A Union soldier returned to the Carter House after the war, stood on the back porch, pointed to this doorway and told a story of his struggle to survive the battle of Franklin. The slice in the wooden louvered door (not shown in the above photo), the bullet hole in the post, and the patched lower door panel all play a role in his story. During the battle, so the story goes, he sought cover in the doorway and soon drew enemy fire. He said the slice in the outer door and the hole in the post were from bullets aimed at him. Attempting to return the fire, his ramrod, when sharply drawn, hit the top of the doorway leaving small dents in the wood (they are still there, but out of view in the photo magazine photo). When his situation became untenable, he took the butt of his musket, bashed in the lower door panel, and crawled through to safety in the house. The Carters later patched the door with a piece of sheet metal, the same patch which in on the door today


(January 2013) Enlarge Capt. Tod Carter was wounded in this area a couple hundred yards southwest of the Carter House



(January 2013) Enlarge Brown's Division interpretive marker

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