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(9-2012) Enlarge Battle of Ellis Bridge Battleground Area:

A view of the terrain where the Battle of Ellis Bridge occurred. This area was described as a swampy area in wartime records

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(9-2012) Enlarge  Detail West Point, MS Confederate Monument:

Located in downtown West Point in Russel Park (Russel Place) and erected by the John M. Stone Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to pay tribute to the Confederate Soldiers of Clay County, Mississippi. Inscription: 'Clay County holds in proud and grateful remembrance her brave and loyal sons who preferred death to a betrayal of her dearest principles. Might overcame; Let not our sons forget that these unsullied heroes fought for right.'


(9-2012) Enlarge Detail of one of the Confederate Soldiers on the West Point, MS Confederate Monument

(9-2012) Enlarge Russell Place Memorial:

Located in Russel Park (Russel Place). Inscription reads: Placed June 3, 1914 by JNO. M. Stone Ch. U.D.C. in memory of that loyal Mississippian and Confederate Soldier Edward L. Russel donor of these grounds name in grateful appreciation Russel Place


(9-2012) Enlarge The Lenoir Plantation Historic Marker


(9-2012) Enlarge The Lenoir Plantation (1847):

Claimed by West Point but technically located about halfway between West Point and Egypt, Mississippi, this recently restored wartime plantation has recently be restored to is former elegance. It still contains about 592 tillable acres on the plantation grounds as well as an impressive 18 lakes. This plantation most likely survived the war due to it's use as a wartime hospital. For further research of the Lenoir Plantation and family

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