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Enlarge Octagonal Central Hall - View from West:

A 1974 HABS photo view of the massive central hall and winding staircases that encompass three stories and the cupola. The original massive wrought iron crystal gasolier is suspended from the top point of the cupola and hangs even with the second story level. It survived the years of neglect and is a prominent feature when one enters the mansion. The gas was produced by burning pine knots in a retort

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Enlarge Library - View From Southwest:

A HABS 1974 HABS photo view of the restored first floor Library of Waverly Mansion. America's first National Fox Hunters Association was formed in this library in 1893


Enlarge Parlor Wedding Alcover Detail:

A 1974 HABS photo view of the restored wedding alcover in the first floor Ladies' Parlor. Christenings, weddings, and funerals were held here. Two of Colonel Young's daughters were married here and several of his grandchildren were baptized in this alcove. Funeral viewings were also held in this room with the body being placed just in front of this alcove. More HABS photographs and related information on Waverly Plantation

(5-2009) Enlarge Waverly Plantation Historic Marker (Downtown West Point):

Although no battles were fought at Waverly Plantation, it was considered a safe haven for those wanting to escape the war. Friends and family would go there to escape the war for months at a time. General Nathan Bedford Forrest was a friend of the Col. Young family and visited the plantation many times during the war including a three week stay to recuperate from injuries incurred during battle


(5-2009) Enlarge Original Old Waverly Sign:

This is the original sign the Snow's installed out by the main Waverly Road entrance to the Plantation when they opened up for tours. Note that the original viewing fee was $4.00. It is not much higher than that now


(5-2009) Enlarge Old Waverly Plantation House:

A view of Old Waverly from the front entrance walk of Wavery Road

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