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(5-2009) Enlarge Iron Wash Tubs - Waverly Gardens:

These two Iron tubs are original to the plantation and were once used in daily plantation work

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(5-2009) Enlarge Waverly View From Under The Arbor:

A view of the back of the Waverly Mansion from the Plantation Gardens behind the mansion


Enlarge Waverly Plantation Master Bedroom Postcard:

A view of one of the bedrooms in Waverly Plantation. The bedrooms are located on the second floor. Waverly is reportedly very haunted with stories going back many generations. It is reported that a little girl died in the house and the outline of her form appears in the late afternoon on the bed. The late Mrs. Snow also reportedly heard the little girl calling out 'Mama' on more than one occasion. The ghost of a Confederate Officer riding on his horse on the plantation grounds has also been seen

Enlarge Waverly Plantation Dining Room Postcard:

A view of the ground floor dining room. The mirror in this photo is original to the house and was hanging on the wall when the Snows first opened the house up after years of neglect. A few other mirrors in the house also survived the constant threat of vandals, overnight thrill seekers, hunters camping in the mansion, and fraternities holding initiations within these walls


Enlarge Four Stories - Old Waverly Postcard:

A view of the main parlor which opening spans four stories (counting the cupola). The glass panes in around the front door appear a translucent red inside the parlor and a black while viewing from the front porch. This backlit color comes from the practice of adding gold to the glass as it is being made into the pane. The musical lyre present on each pane represents a musical leaning in the Col. Young family


(5-2009) Enlarge Path Leading Up To Waverly Cemetery:

This is the Col. Young family cemetery located on former plantation grounds right up the road from the mansion (to the right when driving up to the mansion). A short walk down a dirt path leads you to this overgrown cemetery which contains a few generations of the Young family. Remains from the plantation bath house and pool are directly across the street from the Mansion but are not on the tour and not easy to get to

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