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(5-2009) Enlarge Waverly Plantation Front Porch:

A view of the front window detail of the Ladies' Room as well as the front porch stairs. The Plantation Office is right around the corner beside the plantation house

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(5-2009) Enlarge The Plantation Office:

Located right beside Old Waverly Plantation is the brick Plantation Office. The office was built around 1842, about 15 years before the plantation house was built. The Col. Young family originally lived in a log cabin on the plantation grounds which was located almost directly behind the current mansion. The Snow family rebuilt the Mansion's kitchen building which was in total disrepair and they now reside in that portion of the Mansion


(5-2009) Enlarge Old Waverly Cupola:

When the Snow Family first purchased Old Waverly the cupola contained bats as well as a beehive that weighed over 200 pounds! During the Civil War this cupola was used by Confederates as an observation tower to view river traffic along the Tombigbee River which runs alongside the plantation grounds

(5-2009) Enlarge Old Trees - Waverly Gardens:

Most of the trees and plants that comprise Old Waverly's Plantation Gardens have been there for generations and have become massive in size


(5-2009) Enlarge Ice House Brick Remains:

Near the Ice House location directly behind Old Waverly Mansion are a few piles of original brick rubble that once comprised the Plantation Ice House. These bricks were fired in kilns on the plantation site


(5-2009) Enlarge Ice House Remains:

This fenced-in location behind Waverly Mansion contains the pit that is all that remains of the Plantation Ice House. This is a 20 ft. deep pit that is overgrown with vegetation. During it's use, huge blocks of ice were brought down from the North. The natural insulation of the ground in combination with the ice would keep liquids and food cold and the ice would last for several weeks

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